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My name is Oyekan Oyedeji. I am An  Engineer, Entrepreneur, Internet Enthusiast. helping individual and Professionals build there digital presence, using Websites. Blogs. Online shops. Forum. Reputation Management. Social Media for Business. Digital Marketing.

I blog at DigitalOyekan.com on technology. Speak in conference across major cities in Nigeria-Lagos Port Harcourt, and Abuja.


Digital marketing
Oyekan Oyedeji, Digital marketing training 2014, Port harcourt, Nigeria.



My Story:

I love to play basketball, and presently coaching girls to have fun learning the game (the most difficult people to train).i started my journey into the digital space few years before graduation from university as a mechanical Engineer, by using school airtime to browse project collect fellow students hour of data to use.

On serving in Lagos, Nigeria. i gave attention to attending seminars and seeing people making money online. became a constant drive.. longing to get away from the regular 9 to 5. and maybe becoming a millionaire along the way. As i attended free seminars, upon my first Engineering jobs i started paying to attend courses on making money online.

My first payed course way information marketing business. and gave attention consistently to reading success digest magazine

Olatunde Samson built my first website for me then. i went on to crash it and built it by my self. and since then its been a game and business for me.




Oyekan Oyedeji, Nigerian Airforce Outddoor Arena, 2015 2×2 basket ball






  • ALMOND TECHNOLOGIES  at Almondtechnologies.com
  • Concinnity ltd.
  • City link Digital Solution.
  • TheDelighter Music.
  • PTI Mudschool.





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